Thursday, March 30, 2017

Creature of the Depth

By: Amelia Kresge
Grade: 7 

Deep dark wonders 
Adventure the Orcas 

They live in their own worlds 
Of refined nothingness 

We are all explorers 
But never find what we are looking for 

What we look for is the meaning of life 
But only the darkness can answer 

And upon the shadows of the waters, 
Does the Creature of Depth answer 

“The meaning of life is life itself” 
He answers 

“For I am the Creature of Depth; 
And I know as much as there is 
Water in the ocean” 

No one knows what he means 
But we mean what he knows

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Whisper In The Wind

By: Meghan Mallory
Grade: 7

Once I caught a feather
That was floating in the wind 
When lying in the grass 
Listening to the whoosh of the wind 

Once I caught a feather 
That was floating in the wind 
I was sitting in a tree 
Listening to the rustle of the leaves 

Once I caught a feather 
That was tickling my skin 
I had to let it go, 
Now a whisper in the wind.

Everywhere, There Are Dreams

By: Meghan Mallory
Grade: 7

Dreams are waves
Dancing along the water
Reflecting one's own thoughts and feelings
Tempting minds, asking to be played in
Crashing on the shore, shattering, when consciousness arrives

Dreams are the sky
Always there, hovering above us all, easily forgotten
Forever changing colors, but always the same paint
Trapped in thoughts every moment, we cannot feel but we can sleep
Illuminated by the rising sun

Dreams are Butterflies
Fragile as glass, cracks, but never shatters,
Drifting off, exploring places we have never known
Delicate wings glide on the wind of another world
All are different and all are the same