Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Simple Rhymes of John Quincy Adams

by Kayli Varnum
Grade 8

Born on July 11
In 1767,
The sixth president of the United States
Who lasted a few debates.

For someone who didn’t attend an official school,
The man known as John Quincy Adams was no fool. 
He succeeded at being our president
Which is particularly evident. 

Before his great presidency,
Adams was helping his father over the seas.
During his voyage he learned French and Dutch
Because he had time on his hands,
Maybe a little too much.

Eventually, he attended the school of Harvard
To get a little more than sharper.
Where he studied the fine and devine arts
Where he attained all of his smarts.

With four children and a wife named Louisa, 
Who had a smile like the Mona Lisa,
He was able to withhold a full term,
Who his wife was able to affirm. 

Other than his great job of being the president, 
He was a practicing attorney where he was able to supplement
In president George Washington’s neutrality policy.
Then Washington gave him his full honesty*. 

*Washington expressed his appreciation to Adams for his hard work and support.

After his life of being an attorney had ended, 
Adam’s presidency was recommended.
In the year 1797
Adams officially represented.
He couldn’t have done it without his sidekick 
Who was anything but impolitic.

John C. Calhoun [“k”al-hoon] was best known for being a defender of slavery
Which took the one thing many people didn’t have then, bravery.
Together Calhoun and Adams conquered the White House 
In the party of Federalist that not many people espouse. 

From March 4, 1825 to March 4, 1829
John Quincy Adams ran this old country of mine. 
He was involved in the closing of all exclusive trading relationships with the British.
In 1827 he successfully put all deals with them to a finish.

Adams decided he had had enough
With the drama caused by tariffs, navigation, and duties,
He was done with that stuff.

Now you know some new things about John Quincy Adams that you may have heard before.
But I’m going to tell you a little more.
Did you know he was the only ex-president to serve as a representative in the U.S House?
There he proved even further that he is no louse.

You may be wondering, “How did this great man die?”
“Was it old age or disease?” Well, let me specify.
Adams had had a paralyzing stroke one day while working on the House floor,
But that stroke didn’t take him to Heaven’s door. 

Adams later collapsed while expressing his opposition
To the Mexican-American War, where he was seen as a patrician.
He sadly died two days later.
When he left, it seemed like he left quite an empty crater.

John Quincy Adams, as you know, was a great man.
But his life on Earth seemed to have ended as quickly as it began.
Another one of our founding fathers was gone to join and stand
With all the great presidents we know, together hand in hand.