Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hawk's Blaze Chapter One

by Rose Parker
Grade 5

Fanfiction based on the Wings of Fire series

(Set before the NightWing Island Eruption)

Sunrise woke up from her blissful sleep. Looking at her brother, Hawk, she silently got up and spread her wings. He stirred, then drowsily opened his eyes. His flame colored scales moved as he got up, blinking at her. Sunrise hissed.

“Can't I at least have time to myself while you sleep? I never get away from you!”

“It's not my fault that you woke me up.”

He looked down.

“I just get this feeling……. it's like I can tell where you are and what you're doing.”

“Well then, we should separate!” she shot back.

A flash of hurt clouded over his startling amber eyes. It was quickly replaced with a fiery gaze that made Sunrise flinch.

“Maybe we should.”

With that, Sunrise flew into the emerald green jungle. As she passed a clump of bananas, a sharp pain stung her side. The last thing she saw was a flash of dark scales, then everything turned black.
When she woke up, she was sore. Sunrise looked around. Everything around her was black, except a few waterfalls of lava. The burning, scarlet lava that had killed her mother. All around her were muscular NightWings.

She bared her fangs and hissed. These NightWings wouldn't dare hurt her! A small, thin NightWing blinked at her as he passed. Sunrise tried to get up, but heavy chains held her down. A pitch black NightWing rushed over to her, 2 big muscular NightWings following him.
When Sunrise woke up the next day, she felt miserable. The NightWings had chained her to a wall, forcing her to shoot her deadly venom into a cauldron. Then, they had shoved her into a locked cave. Her wings ached, and her throat hurt. She flexed her talons and looked around, seeing another RainWing.

She gasped. “Raven?!”

“Yes.” Raven dipped his head.

Sunrise bounded over to him, her scales bright with hope. She twined her tail with his. “I'm so glad there's at least someone I know here!”

“Me too.”

“I wanna get out of here!” She hung her head sadly. “I wish I hadn't of left my brother……." Images of their short fight flashed in her mind.

Raven slid comfortably next to her. “What happened?”

“Me and my brother are always together! I figured I could have some time to myself, then he woke up. I got mad and said we should go our own ways. We were always so close…….”

“It's not your fault you want some time to yourself. I suggest maybe you could apologize to him and maybe sort things out.” Raven murmured.

Sunrise flinched. “But I can't. We're still here.”

“Right.” Then he brightened. “Maybe in a few days, they'll let us go?”

“Maybe…….” Sunrise murmured.

Too tired to speak anymore, she curled up next to Raven, falling asleep.

Sunrise woke up to a hissing noise. She opened her eyes, aware that it was still night. Sunrise couldn't believe what she saw. It was her brother, and his scales were pitch black. But she knew it was him by his fiery, determined, amber eyes. She woke Raven up, and he jumped to his talons, looking at Hawk.

“I'm here to get you out of here.”

He walked over to Sunrise.

“Scavenger brain, leaving me like that.”

Hawk led them towards a black tunnel in a well hidden corner. The bars looked melted by fire……or venom. How…….? she thought. Hawk led them through the everlasting tunnel. Raven followed quietly behind, his eyes dull, but there still was a spark of determination in them. They finally broke out into the noisy jungle. Instantly, monkey screeching and jungle noises filled her ears.

“I must go. Thank you Hawk.” Raven said as his tail lashed back and forth. His gaze flicked over to Sunrise. “Goodbye, Sunrise.”

She nodded at Raven, watching him disappear into the trees.

Hawk started walking towards their home. Sunrise silently followed.

As soon as they reached the small clearing of trees where they slept, she started talking. “I'm so sorry for getting mad like that and leaving. Quite frankly, I never want you to leave my side.” Her eyes were shining as she spoke. “We've always shared a unique bond.”

Hawk twined his tail with hers. “You're forgiven. I'm sorry too…..”

“Oh, and thanks for saving me and Raven back there!”

Hawk turned away. “It was nothing….”

But secretly, Sunrise knew that he was flushing with pride, the blaze in his heart growing.