Sunday, January 8, 2017

Can People Change?

by Isabella McLaughlin
Grade 6

Can people change? People have many different views on things, we’re just humans, so that’s not a bad thing. Everyone is different and opinionated, so people may think very differently of this small question with such a big longing for a great answer. People can change. I have experienced it many times in my life. Friends, family, strangers, and myself. A situation or an issue may cause change for the good or for the bad, one may not ever know. Changing all depends on the situation. My grandmother died at age 53 because of cancer. This changed my view on a lot of things. How I take things for granted, how little time people really have to live, and how incredibly nice my grammy Mac actually was. I’m not proud of taking all the time we spent together for granted, absolutely not. I could’ve been so much closer with her and so much more involved, but I wasn’t. I can’t help that now though. I loved her deeply and that’s all that matters. I changed on February 23, 2009––the day of her death. It was hard for me. When people change, they change in different ways. They could be sad or jubilant throughout their change. Either way, it’s just because of all of the things they need to express. It was a secret to me for a long time. I noticed she lay in a bed a lot and she had wires and tubes in her nose, but I thought she was playing pretend and everything was okay. I pretended to be her nurse, not knowing that she actually needed one. I would jump on her bed, laughing with joy. She would smile up at me and laugh with me, just letting me know she wasn’t in pain and it was okay for me to go on. When my parents told me she had cancer, I was confused. I thought that was like some sort of cold, but when she died 4 days later, I knew it was not. So yes, people can change and I’m walking evidence. Everyone has hardships and to change for the good is not bad. A small change can make a big difference. Something small that people may change is getting all A’s, or getting better at soccer. A lot of people may argue that people don’t change and aren’t granted with a second chance, but I’m going to have to disagree with them. Change can happen if change is wanted. A situation so powerful can change you whether you want to or not. “Don’t throw second chances like confetti, throw second chances like your mom’s bones.” Giving out a second chance should be rare, but people absolutely can change.