Sunday, January 8, 2017

Appreciating Your Siblings: China's Limit Of Children

by Amelia Kresge
Grade 7

For some time, in China, people were restricted to how many children they were allowed to have. This is rather inhumane and unlucky to most, especially if you have more than the limit. Put yourself in their shoes. Is that how you’d want to live?

What happens if you have more than the limit, you may ask? If you want more, you have to pay the government, which is hard for a lot of people, especially when the price is high. If you have more than one, or two according to the parents siblings, you are forced to prevent the birth before the child is even born. Luckily, the laws have been changed, and it is easier to have two children.

When you already have three children, you have to pay around three times the amount of your income and you have to pay for your child yearly, as if you are taxing them on their every breath. Imagine how hard it would be for a poor family with more than two children? They would be broke within a year, already having to deal with taxes, mortgages, and food, and now have to pay thousands more just over having more children than you should!

Be grateful that you have siblings and that your parents don’t have to deal with a government like China’s which taxes your children. Be happy you have a sibling and someone you can love.