Thursday, March 16, 2017

Whisper In The Wind

By: Meghan Mallory
Grade: 7

Once I caught a feather 
That was floating in the wind 
When lying in the grass 
Listening to the whoosh of the wind 

Once I caught a feather 
That was floating in the wind 
I was sitting in a tree 
Listening to the rustle of the leaves 

Once I caught a feather 
That was tickling my skin 
I had to let it go, 
Now a whisper in the wind.

Featherheart's Decision, Chapter Two

By Kaitlyn Libby
Grade 6

“You’re doing a great job, Featherkit! You’ve got the makings of a legendary medicine cat!” An amused twinkle glowed in Brambletail’s eye as his gaze flicked towards the piles of herbs and seeds on the ground. “The catmint should never be confused with the borage, though. Catmint, you’ll find, has a tempting smell to it, and borage is quite sour. You’ll know right off.”

Featherkit blinked and pulled the mingled herbs towards her and began to dismantle the pile. She sniffed the individual leaves, separating the catmint and coltsfoot. “Is this better?” she asked Brambletail, pushing the piles back between the marigold and the poppy seeds.

Brambletail barely had to glance at the new piles to confirm her inquiry. “Yes, Featherkit. Very good.” Then he turned to the blue-eyed she-kit, his face bright. “Hey, you’re nearly at your apprentice ceremony! You’re going to join me in about a moon!” The tabby tom’s eyes were gleaming with such genuine excitement that Featherkit couldn’t bring herself to tell the truth.

“Yes, I can’t wait to become a medicine cat apprentice,” Featherkit pushed the poppy seeds away from the marigold, guilt gnawing at her insides. She was glad when a sleek black tom came limping into the medicine den, distracting Brambletail from their discussion.

“Stupid bushes,” Shadowpaw flicked his tail in annoyance. “Full of burrs! And I got one in my paw, too.” He held his leg out for Brambletail to examine.

"Give it a good lick,” the medicine cat advised, “that’ll loosen it. Then I’ll try to remove it.” He turned back to a few shriveled leaves lying on the floor of the medicine den. “Featherkit, could you ask Owleye to fetch some yarrow? This bit is getting old. Oh, and while you’re at it, we could use some dock leaves for Sparrowtail as well. She’s got some nasty scratches.”

Featherkit dipped her head as she backed out of the den, glad to leave the den at last. She slipped into the warriors’ den to find Owleye, who was obviously waiting for something to happen. She brightened when Featherkit entered.

“Brambletail wants you to get some yarrow and dock,” Featherkit informed the fluffy gray she-cat, who immediately sprang up, amber eyes gleaming.

“I’ll get right to it!” The she-cat sprang from her nest and darted out of the den and into the thick undergrowth of the forest.

As much as anyone said it would be, Featherkit knew she would not at all find the apprentice ceremony exciting. In fact, she found herself dreading the moment. Her head was filled with thoughts of everything that could go wrong. She could slip, she could trip over a twig…Yet the more Featherkit thought about this, the more it became clear to her that it wasn’t what could go wrong, it was what would go wrong.

Namely, the disappointment in Daisyleaf’s eyes as she denied the path her mother wanted her to take.

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Everywhere, There Are Dreams

By: Meghan Mallory
Grade: 7

Dreams are waves
Dancing along the water
Reflecting one's own thoughts and feelings
Tempting minds, asking to be played in
Crashing on the shore, shattering, when consciousness arrives

Dreams are the sky
Always there, hovering above us all, easily forgotten
Forever changing colors, but always the same paint
Trapped in thoughts every moment, we cannot feel but we can sleep
Illuminated by the rising sun

Dreams are Butterflies
Fragile as glass, cracks, but never shatters,
Drifting off, exploring places we have never known
Delicate wings glide on the wind of another world
All are different and all are the same

Thursday, February 16, 2017

I Believe Horses are the Best Animals EVER!

By Skylar DaSilva
Grade 4

Do you think horses are the best animal ever? Do you think they're calm, enjoyable, and funny? I sure do! I believe they're all those things, because you can ride them. While you are on them you can do cool tricks. Horses have lots of different character traits, and most of all they can make you laugh and cheer you up! Many people believe that horses are scary and dangerous, but I believe horses are really not that way if you just open up your heart to them. They're not hyper, they're enjoyable!

I believe horses are the best animal ever because you can ride them, and while you are on them you can do cool tricks!

For example, someone I go to horse lessons with, named Jenna, can make her horse jump so high! People say it’s the closest to flying you will ever feel! It’s amazing!

Another example is when you let go of the reins and close your eyes, it’s fun! I have done it before. This kind of makes me think of when you are on a swing and you are not moving, let go, and then close your eyes. You should try it!

The very best trick is riding double. That’s when you ride with someone on a horse together. It kind of is like you are on a roller coaster and someone is behind you, except it is not as fast and a little bumpier. When you ride double, you are either on their butt or their withers, in other words their rump or their withers. Their withers are just basically the beginning of their spine. It’s really weird, because it feels like you're on the back of someone and they're swaying back and forth. It’s weird and fun at the same time!

Another reason I believe horses are the best animal ever is because they have lots of different character traits.

One example for this is I know a horse that always has to have something in his mouth! Whenever we put him on cross ties, he chews on the lead rope! The owner says he should have a binky! Funny, right?

Another example is some of the horses I know are bratty, and others well behaved. For example, I know a horse that nips and likes to fool around just like you might do in school. As I am saying this I am remembering the time George, a miniature horse, got nipped. This is funny because normally he is the one nipping them! For a second he looked at them like he was saying, "how rude!"

The best character trait I know is when they're so funny they cheer you up, like you how I was telling about the horse that chews on the lead rope. He is always is trying to make me laugh! That’s my favorite character ever... almost.

The thing I like most about horses is they can make you laugh and cheer you up.

An example for this reason is when Tate, a very funny horse I know, kept bothering me while I was brushing a horse named Picnic. I was brushing her right next to his stall, and he kept nudging my head! It tickled! It also made me laugh so hard!!

A second example is whenever I go to pet Tate, he always is nudging my pants, looking for treats! Horses don’t think of treats as just food, they think of it as an all-you-can-eat buffet!!

My last example is when I was riding a horse named Mystic,and all the snow was covering the potholes and ice. You could not see it. I stepped in a couple of potholes and it made a cracking sound. I was scared at first,but Mystic was not scared at all and just kept on walking and hitting more potholes! This is funny because mostly he is the one who is always scared of simple things like that!

I believe horses are the best animal ever!! What do you think about that sentence now? Do you think they're dangerous and scary, or do you think they're funny and exciting? I believe they're funny and exciting because you can ride them, while you are on them you can do cool tricks, they have lots of I different character traits, and they can make you laugh and cheer you up! I am telling you that you would not want an elephant, camel, or your dog to ride on! You want a strong and courageous horse to ride on!!

P.S. Elephants and camels are really bumpy, and you would hurt your dog if you sat on it!

Number 5

by Grady Buck
Grade 1

Thursday, January 19, 2017


by Meghan Mallory
Grade 7

When you do something crazy
But you don’t really care
Because you have someone
Who is willing to share
The person who is by your side
Even when your plan is lazy
They know what to do

Whether you are a team of two
Or a band of waterloos
You share the leadership
You share the pain
You share the glory
You share the fame
The person who tolerates
Your imperfections, big or small,
Expecting you do the same